Collection: Simple Smile

Ay up, my name is Sammi and I’m receiving treatment for Breast cancer and would like to give back to all the other patients & staff to help them smile on their treatment journey. My wish is to support the University Hospital of Derby and Burton Chemotherapy (F11250), Radiotherapy (F11245), Oncology (F11230) & Breast (F21004) Units because the care and support I am receiving is above and beyond.

Simple Smile is not a charity…it is an act of kindness that helps you through your cancer journey. I would like to give this Simple Smile that extra mile by pavement walking 1000miles and 200more (Lands End to John O Groats) to bring it alive in a piece of art work I’ve designed with the help from Andy Finlay, Graphic Designer, that will be created by your words for what a smile means to you. It’s true a smile can brighten your day, however, a Simple Smile can also speak 1000 words and invisibly hold your hand during treatments.

Myself and other patients /staff have expressed so many feelings via our simple smiles…it’s like our own language but immediately you are included, you understand, you don’t feel alone and everyone is in this together.

Please would you be so kind to help me keep this Simple Smile going that extra mile with a £5.00 donation per word.

My target is 1000words and 100% donations go to UHDB. Additionally, orders of T-shirts, mugs, coasters and pin badges will add extra donations with a minimum of 25% of the sale going to UHDB. This would make my wish come true to help others smile on their cancer journey. Thank you so much for invisibly holding someone’s hand with your support and kind donation. Sending you a little bit ❤️ of love❤️ Sammi xx